your circumstances don't define you

To me going ALL IN means having the courage to persevere during the bad times, to celebrate the milestones, to rejoice in the good times and leave NOTHING on the table. And like most going ALL IN is reflected in one single pivotal moment.


For me, that pivotal moment came in the form of being independent to completely dependent, from walking to not, from thinking my career was over to flicking the switch and bouncing back.


People ask me all the time “Dennis, why are you smiling so big?” Let me tell you why- I changed my MINDSET and I went ALL IN. 


In 2006, I started my career in fitness. I found my passion, my drive! I loved it and the people sure loved me too! To motivate others and provide an intense, high energy and fun workout was a driving force behind what I did. I was loving my fitness career, loving my members and in awe of where I was heading. Fast forward a few years to October 23rd 2014, the day it all changed- my pivotal moment. 


Picture this, dance fitness class underway music blaring, heart pumping, class hyped, er’body on point when my mind said “JUMP! JUMP I said JUMP!” But nothing, I couldn’t jump. Left knee POP! Right knee POP! And fell straight to the ground.


The agony of tearing not one but BOTH of my patella tendons does not even come CLOSE to the fear, anxiety and pain I felt over what seemed to be my ended fitness career. To this very day, I get chills when I think of it.


​The next day I was rushed into surgery and could not walk for 2 weeks. During that time I spent my days between the hospital and a nursing home completely unable to move my legs or even shift my weight.  I went from completely independent to dependent- peeing in a cup, getting sponge baths and more.


Yet, here is when pivotal moment number 2 hit. As I am sitting there, for 2 straight weeks I got to thinking.  This was just a moment in time, for that matter it was already done but I was not. My goals became clearer and more vivid. My resolve to continue my fitness journey and share with others became my driving force.   I decided then that I would overcome my circumstances and not be a product of them.


When I was discharged from the nursing home I was a new man, with a new MINDSET. Ya a new MINDSET- one that was ALL IN. ALL IN for me, ALL IN for you. Because when you change your mindset, you can change your life. You got dat? 


Are you ready to go ALL IN?